Before you book

There will be children in my group. Can you supply child seats?

For most vehicles, yes we can. Please specify how many child and/or baby seats you require in Step 1 of the online booking process. Child / baby seats will be provided if booked whenever possible, however there may be instances when such seats are unable to be provided. In such instances, you will be entitled to a full refund for seats not supplied. If you are unwilling to travel in the event that child / baby seats are not supplied, please provide your own.

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Your luggage entitlement is defined by the size of vehicle you book. For example, a 4 seater taxi has space for 4 bags or small suitcases, and small hand luggage items to be carried in the cabin. An 8 seater minivan has double the luggage capacity. If you are in any doubt if your luggage will fit in the vehicle, please upgrade to a larger one to ensure you have a comfortable journey.

My company requires an invoice; can you supply one?

Yes, we can provide you with an invoice if required. Please contact Customer Service after making your booking to request an invoice.

Which cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit cards, and most affiliated payment (debit) cards. All card payments are secured by 256 bit SSL encryption. If you experience problems paying with your card, please contact us.

I haven’t booked yet

• When should I book?
Although you may book your transfer(s) online up to 24 hours before your travel date, we recommend that you book as early as possible. By booking your transfer(s) early, you have the best chance of beating any price increases, which may occur at any time during the year, especially prior to each holiday season. Please call our Customer Service team if you need a transfer within less than 24 hours – we will usually be able to take your booking.

Before you travel

Will anyone else be travelling in the vehicle I book?

No, we only offer private transfers, so the price you pay reserves the vehicle exclusively for your group. We do not offer a shared shuttle service at this time.

Will I be dropped off at my hotel or private villa?

Yes, all our services are door-to-door – the driver will take you directly to the address you give when you make your booking.

What is your smoking policy?

Suppliers operate a no smoking policy in all vehicles. You can ask driver to stop 5 minutes for a smoke. without any extra charge.

How do I find my transport?

Instructions for finding your arrival transport vary from country to country. Clear instructions are printed on the booking voucher, which is generated electronically at time of booking. Please ensure you travel with the booking voucher, as this will be fundamental to you meeting the supplier representative or driver. Ataturk-airport-transfer.com cannot be held responsible for any failed transfers resulting from not having the booking voucher with you.

If, for any reason, you are unable to locate the supplier representative or driver, please call the supplier telephone number listed on your booking voucher.

Please note that you do not have to call to confirm your arrival at the airport. You should only call on your outbound journey to inform us of any delays to your arrival which may affect your transfer. It is, however, essential to call to confirm your return journey at least 24 hours prior to departure.

What happens when I make a reservation?

Once you’ve completed your booking, the details are sent electronically to the supplier. The supplier then makes the appropriate arrangements according to the information you provided when making your booking. It is therefore imperative that you provide the correct information when booking, as the supplier cannot be held responsible for errors in service due to incorrect information provided at time of booking. It is up to you to check the details on the booking voucher prior to travel, and inform us immediately if there are any errors.

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